Residential complex "French Quarter 3"

Studio apartments in the residential complex “French Quarter 3” are planned in the most popular areas by buyers — from 15 to 24 square meters. A small number of full-fledged one-room apartments are also offered!

About project

We bring to your attention the 3rd stage of our residential complex «French Quarter». This 6-story building, like our entire complex, is located near the intersection of two transport arteries of our city: ul. Academician Pavlov and st. Saltovskoe highway, just 100 meters from the French Boulevard shopping center. Our house is located at the junction of the largest residential area of the city — Saltovsky, the shopping district «Barabashovo» and the business center of Kharkov, which makes living here convenient for work and leisure. The apartments in the complex are designed on the model of European analogues of such housing — a minimum of partitions, a maximum of light and comfort. Each apartment has its own bathroom and kitchen.
The house has a modern passenger and freight elevator!

The third house of the residential complex «French Quarter» will traditionally receive a warm, energy-saving facade, slightly updated, brighter colors. As always, we install a modern system of autonomous gas heating, which will allow heating the building economically and evenly, unlike houses with electric heating. Energy-saving technologies are used in the glazing of apartments and lighting of common areas. All this will allow you to save on utilities when living in your apartment or increase your income when renting an apartment.

гостинки харьков


Our advantages


A distinctive feature of our house is a beautiful and very warm energy-saving facade, which, together with a modern autonomous heating system, will make your apartments cozy in the cold, and the accommodation is economical. The residential complex «French Quarter» has its own fenced and landscaped area with lighting, parking, a playground, green spaces and flower beds.


The undeniable advantage of the residential complex “French Quarter” is its location near a major traffic intersection, which will allow you to quickly and conveniently get to any part of the city.

A 15-minute walk from the complex is the Akademika Barabashova metro station, and you can also get to the Zashchitniki Ukrainy metro station (Uprising Square) for free.


A huge plus is the developed social infrastructure near our complex:

within walking distance are a school and a kindergarten, just 1 minute is the French Boulevard shopping center with many cafes, restaurants, shops, pharmacies, an IMAX cinema, which makes the life of residents of the French Quarter residential complex as comfortable as possible.

Layout of apartments

We offer apartments with the ability to make the second level:
In the residential complex “French Quarter 3”, we also provided for the favorite 2-storey apartments — studios that provide the best combination of price and sq.m.
The entire 6th floor of our house is full-fledged two-story apartments, which are offered for sale with ready-made stairs and second-level structures.
You can order a complete turnkey repair of your apartment or choose from completely ready-made options.

6 floor

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